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(manga) Ripples

Title: Ripples
Focus: Tamura Reiko from Parasyte
Owner: Todd (yeerk)

You should visit this shrine because... I didn't mean to go for two Girl Mode shrines in a row, but so many fantastic dedications were made for the project that I'm just getting around to enjoying them all now. Todd doesn't have a background in anime/manga fan sites, but as a first foray into this world, "Ripples" is proof that a dedication to an obscure series can still be just as fulfilling as one to a more mainstream character/title. Parasyte, while having been available in English through two separate publishers for many years, is still a fringe manga title. The character Todd focuses on, Tamura Reiko, is an engaging anomaly. Rather than a human dealing with the parasitic invaders, Reiko is herself a parasite and Todd delves into her story with a comprehensive assortment of articles and essays. Is Reiko perfect? Not by any means, which is where Todd's desire to probe the depths of her inhuman mind really comes into its own. Her story is not a happy one, but it's certainly one worth exploring.

Sections like "Series" and "Parasites" give very accessible information about Parasyte and its scenario. While it is generally helpful to have an understanding of a series when exploring fan sites, Todd has really made "Ripples" accessible to anyone with a desire to learn. You won't get left behind with these articles if you don't own the manga, it's very much the kind of shrine that makes you want to pick the series up if you haven't already. Todd is passionate about Reiko/Parasyte and his enthusiasm is contagious!

"Ripples" challenges its visitors to rethink preconceived notions about humanity, while at the same time inviting them to explore a relatively unknown world. Todd should be commended for tackling his first manga project with genuine passion and finesse.

Highlight: "Mother" which deals with the absolute core of Reiko's character in an expressive and personal style.
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