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(video game) Final Judgement

Title: Final Judgement
Focus: Sydney Losstarot from Vagrant Story
Owner: Linh (sarisa)

You should visit this shrine because... Sometimes I wonder if I focus on too many video game related shrines, but dammit, when they're as much fun as "Final Judgement" how can I help myself? Linh has pieced together a fantastic dedication to Sydney from Vagrant Story that is as informative as it is hilarious. While I love visiting sites that talk about powerful relationships and webs of intrigue in a serious manner, there's something wholly refreshing about a site that is lovingly tongue-in-cheek. This is the approach you'll find to Sydney's story at "Final Judgement" - one that intersects deep analysis with ruminations on Rosencrantz being a dip.

As someone who never got around to finishing Vagrant Story (someday I'll tell you about my deprived Sony product-free childhood) I found myself learning a considerable amount through the accessible and easily arranged articles. If you want to know about Sydney, this is where you should head. Whether she's examining Sydney's personality or his relationship with Ashley, Linh's writing is fun and enjoyable to digest. At the same time however, it is just as complex and informative as any more "serious" take on the character. While Linh's other shrines boast similarly refreshing approaches to their subject matter, overall there aren't a whole lot of webmasters mixing the serious with the hilarious in this way and it's a darn shame.

What really shines through in every facet of this site is Linh's passion for the character. She likes Sydney and, by the time you finish at "Final Judgement", you will too.

Highlight: Pretty much everything under the "Question" label. All the features there were a blast to read.
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