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(manga) Ace of Hearts

Title: Ace of Hearts
Focus: Kaitou Ace from Codename wa Sailor V
Owner: Ko (silkaura)

You should visit this shrine because... While anyone familiar with the world of Sailor Moon is no doubt aware of Codename wa Sailor V's presence on the outskirts of the franchise, there has been very little fan emphasis on the title (outside of references on general sites or Minako dedications). Ko's "Ace of Hearts" is a rare character dedication to the male lead from Codename wa Sailor V, Kaitou Ace. What makes "Ace of Hearts" so utterly compelling is its objective examination of the character. Ko acknowledges and examines Ace's faults and flaws just as frequently as she celebrates his noble goals and humble past. You get a real feel for the complexities of Ace's character rather than just mindless fan gushing. Ko definitely appreciates Ace, but she also enjoys presenting fascinating articles that muse over his portrayal as well.

While "Ace of Hearts" has no real media section to speak of, the large archive of articles is complimented by web goodies and fan works. As Kaitou Ace only appears in a three-volume manga series, the variety of additional content is commendable! There are still a few articles yet to go online, but the content already available outweighs the lacking by far. Overall, "Ace of Hearts" is an eloquently composed and highly articulate dedication to a somewhat under-appreciated character. Ko has worked hard to produce a high quality site to Kaitou Ace and this effort is more than apparent. Definitely another shrine to add to your bookmarks!

Highlight: "Cruel Medium" which examines whether or not Kaitou Ace "cursed" Minako's love life. Good arguments and solid facts make this article a great read.
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