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(anime/manga/novel) Black Fairy

Title: Black Fairy
Focus: Celty Sturluson from Durarara!!
Owner: Linah (sonicblade)

You should visit this shrine because... "Black Fairy" is one of very few fully-fledged English Durarara!! fansites and frankly, it would be a difficult site to top. Linah has composed a fascinating dedication to the character of Celty Sturluson that is accessible and informative to fans and non-fans alike. Combining information garnered from both the Durarara!! novels and anime series, Linah paints an engaging picture of Celty as a dullahan of growth and fortitude. All the key bases are covered at "Black Fairy" - from Celty's awakening in Ireland right through to her present activities and relationships in Ikebukuro. Linah's voice is eloquent and informative, her articles tantalise you into wanting to explore Celty's canon further. "Black Fairy" is a quality site built on research, strong writing skills and a clear passion for Celty's character. Highly, highly recommended.

Highlight: "Soundless Voice" which delves into how Celty communicates and how she grows as a result of her interactions. Lovely stuff - just that bit different from the norm.
Tags: !anime, !manga, !novels, durarara!!, shiorilicious

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