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(manga) Adieu

Title: Adieu
Focus: Nagisa Kaworu from Shin Seiki Evangelion
Owner: Masao (kitare)

You should visit this shrine because...: Though there isn't much to say about Kaworu's character with his single episode appearance in the anime that hasn't already been said 1000 times, there hasn't been much covered during his appearance in the manga of Evangelion. And that little fact is what makes Masao's shrine so unique. While parts of Kaworu's time in the anime are referenced, Adieu is dedicated to explaining and flushing out Kaworu's character as he is shown in the manga, which is different in many ways to this anime counterpart (and sometimes even more interesting.) There is a lot to read and it's all very engaging: may you be a Kaworu fan or just a fan of Evangelion in general. It's a great resource that I'm glad is out there.

Highlight: I have to say the whole "However, I also have a will" section that deals with Kaworu's characterization is something to highlight because it looks at Kaworu's character though his interactions with other characters. It's a different take and makes the section a lot more fun to read through.
Tags: !manga, jesslicious, shin seiki evangelion

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